Warmest welcome for visiting the website of HANA ITM,INC.

Since Hana ITM (hereafter, referred to as Hana) was established in 2003,we have made every
effort to establish good collaborative relationships with overseas business partners and to ensure high
quality and technological competitiveness based on the belief that even a small business can export
aircrafts and turbine engines parts. despite the dominance of large companies and conglomerates in korea.

As a result, Hana was selected as the principal subcontractor to supply various aircraft parts to
B/E Aerospace in U.S.A
In addition, Hana was selected as the primary subcontractor exclusively supplying the shipside fittings
of the RRJ-95, which is a 100-passenger civil aircraft developed by Sukhoi Civil Aircrafts of Russia.
As exemplified above, Hana has grown remarkably and has shown excellent business results.

Not only success in aircraft parts manufacturing, Hana was able to have been selected by
some of the distinguished foreign companies such as Eagle Industry in Japan for the Industrial
Gas Turbine Engine parts and DAE Systems in Germany for the Aircrafts Oxygen system parts

We can also proudly tell you that we're the only company in korea who can machine Turbine
Nozzles used in Gas Turbine Engine. We have developed creep feed grinding process for
efficiently grinding the radial grooves of Turbine Nozzles using 4-axis machining center
while all other companies use 5-axis CNC grinders.

The employees of Hana have been inspired by these results and will continue to make dedicated efforts
to remain a small, yet excellent company leading the global market. I pledge that Hana will be a good
neighbor to all of you who take social responsibility seriously.

Once again, I would like to thank you for visiting the Hana website.

Aircrafts and Gas Turbines Parts.
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