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Initial sample inspections are performed for any and all products manufactured by Hana in accordance with
  customer requirements for product quality and following the procedures specified in AS9102.
  In initial sample inspections, the following are performed
- Check and record the state of components for all products and their structure.
- Check and record raw materials for all products and special processes. Also,
  check the relevant warranties and their details.
- Check and record all quality elements mentioned in the design specifications for any and all products.
  Also, check to ensure initial samples meet the criteria.
Perform 3D measurement for the initial samples of all products and verify if the manufacturing method is
  appropriate by performing customer inspections.
Check if the process for the initial samples of all products has been properly set up by performing
  3D measurements.
Inspect and verify any and all dimensional characteristics of products using a 3D measuring instrument,
  other instruments or a dedicated gauge.